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Our planet needs us

With each MiniClean capsule, you spare the planet from another plastic bottle.

14 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year.


Preguntas frecuentes

The water-soluble material is fundamentally composed of polyvinylalcohol. During the dissolution process and subsequent biodegradation, the capsule is decomposed in basic molecular units that leave no residue.

MiniClean is 100% cruelty free, none of our products are animal tested.

The entire Miniclean line of products offer maximum professional efficacy, similar or superior to conventional products.

No they do not. The capsule’s film container is degradable and compostable and under certain conditions of temperature, humidity and time, it goes through a process of bio-oxidation. It transforms into CO2, water, mineral salts and biomass (compost).

Dissolution times may vary depending on the specific product. Capsules are broken down and dissolved in under 2 minutes.

All of our capsules contain Bitrex to prevent accidental ingestion.

Yes, our capsules will dissolve in any type of water, including hard waters.

MiniClean capsules will dissolve at any temperature, hot or cold. Hot water will speed up dissolution.

Any bottle will do, but in the case of our Anti-Scale Bathroom and Kitchen Degreaser products, the bottle comes with a foam spray gun. With a normal spray gun you wont get foam.

In the event of any accident please get in contact with the toxicology medical service line at 915620420.

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